The Year of Kindness

Have you ever thought, “wow, this world could use more kindness”? We have! That is why this year we are embarking on a school-wide kindness initiative. We are encouraging everyone, students, teachers, staff, and parents, to go the extra mile to show a little kindness to each other. We can do this by encouraging someone when they’re feeling down, complimenting a friend or a stranger, by sending a note of appreciation, help a friend who is struggling, or be a listening ear when someone needs to talk.  By showing kindness we are showing that we care about one another which creates empathy and compassion!

There is a “Kindness Box” located at the front desk. Use this area to leave a kind note to student, teacher, friend, colleague, or staff member!

For more ideas on how to teacher kindness to children, have a look at the links below:

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