New Website Unveiled

We are so excited to be able to share with you our new website!! If you haven’t seen it yet, please take a look. There are so many changes! We’ve added pictures and more content. We’ve divided the International School and the Preschool into their own pages AND check out those new logos!! With this website our calendar is easier to get to and read! When we have important news to share with you, we will feature it in a pop up box and we have a news tab that is updated weekly. There are too many features to list so check it our for yourself!! A huge thank you to Scott Seeley at Play Big Designs for making this whole website thing more clear to me.

You may not know that at The Country Day School, we teach at the level your child is learning! This means if your child is in second grade, but tests at a 4th grade level in Math, they will be sent to a 4th grade math class to learn. If your second grader is reading at a first grade level, we will send them to a first grade reading class, so they can be taught what they need to be caught up with second grade! As always, communication with you the parent it paramount in this process and we will always get your input when doing this.

Dates To Remember
Nov. 11 Veterans Day Assembly
Nov. 19 Primary Harvest Meal
Nov. 23-27 No School/Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 15 WinterFest
Dec. 18 Half Day of School
Dec. 28- Jan. 1 Winter Break
Jan. 4 Back to School