Learning Beyond the Classroom

Our School’s Natural Environment

At The Country Day School, we think that the outdoor environment is equally important as the indoor environment for optimal learning. When seeking a perfect spot to build the school, much thought and time went into finding that perfect piece of land that would support our students’ ability to commune with nature and explore the world around them.

The Country Day School campus sits on 21 acres with a virgin forest and a running creek to meet all of these requirements! Our students have trees to climb, gardens to plant and harvest, a creek to wade in and find rocks and fossils in, meadows with tall grass, an orchard, a family of deer that we feed and see frequently, and other wildlife to observe.

Our Outdoor Classroom

Students are encouraged to learn outside and we believe teachers can just as easily teach math under a tree as in the classroom. Learning in the natural environment teaches lessons of problem solving, co-operation, and appreciation for all living things. It calms our students minds and gives them a much needed break in this world of technology over-stimulation. It is a REAL, not virtual world. A natural environment to explore is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. It is our gift to all of our students!

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