Our Mission and Philosophy

The Country Day School is founded on one central premise: that within every human being, there is a potential for learning that is virtually unlimited. The teaching/learning process of The Country Day School is directed toward helping our students become aware of this magnificent potential, helping them free themselves from self-imposed limitations, and guiding them in tapping their own inner resources.

This basic premise dictates specific principles in the teaching/learning environment. If we believe that the potential for learning is unlimited, then it must follow that the environment of The Country Day School will express an education system in which optimum learning involves the total person. “Learning to be everything you know you can be” becomes a central theme in this environment.

Children will be taught that they have all the abilities to move forward in their creative thinking to achieve higher performance, to solve problems, to increase their levels of energy and productivity, and to experience the joy of expanded learning. The participants of The Country Day School will be encouraged to look at their life experiences with fresh new ideas; to find a variety of alternatives in constructively solving problems; to view mistakes as opportunities for learning; and to regard learning as a joyful, creative, and lifelong experience.

Both faculty and students will hold high expectations of excellence in academic and intellectual achievement. Since optimum learning is enhanced by optimum mental, physical, and emotional health, children will be taught from the beginning the importance of a healthy balance in nutrition, exercise, relaxation, rest, work, and play. In addition to academic subjects, technology, and basic skills, The Country Day School will also place an emphasis on the arts, physical education, social awareness, peaceful means of relating to others, respect and appreciation for the natural environment, and culturally accepted values.

Our Global Technological Transformation

We must acknowledge that we are part of a global transformation. If children are to be prepared to live and function creatively in the twenty-first century, we must be willing to go far beyond the traditional limits of school as they have existed. By exploring and discovering new ways of developing the human potential and inner wisdom, children can meet the greatest challenges that have ever faced mankind. John Naisbitt wrote in his book, Megatrends:

“Technology and our human potential are the two great challenges and adventures facing humankind today. We must learn to balance the material wonders of technology with the spiritual demand of our human nature.”

In today’s technological society in which information is the major commodity and the computer age is in motion, education must move forward in new directions and creative ways of thinking.

Country Day School Technology

Our Philosophy

The Country Day School maintains the philosophy that children and adults can learn to use their inner resources for deeper levels of awareness, for innovative answers, for creating successful experiences, for energy and relaxation, and for making responsible decisions.

The Country Day School feels a deep responsibility to open new doors to learning and to integrate a maximum inner awareness with the forces of the outer environment, always striving toward a harmonious blend of the two.

The curriculum, methods, techniques, and tools for expanding and cultivating a deeper awareness of human potential will be selected and developed by a highly qualified and creative staff and educational consultants.

At The Country Day School, individualized, small group, and whole class instruction are implemented by the teachers daily.  A multi-level, multi-sensory approach will be used in both individualized and shared experiences.

Diverse classroom project work is extended through careful planning and integration with movement, drama, music and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) teachers. Regular class trips and access to professional experts provide ample opportunities to learn outside of the classroom, enhancing lessons with real-world experiences.

We emphasize and encourage play – children need the freedom of time and space to pursue their own ideas – to be children.

All parts are interconnected and the whole person needs to be developed and integrated – mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally.

Our Commitment

The Country Day School is committed to creating an environment which maintains the following conditions:

  • Responsible independence. Each student shall be encouraged to tap his or her own inner resources toward the pursuit of excellence.
  • A supportive environment which is dynamic and energetic, calm and peaceful.
  • A program which teaches the value of helping others.
  • Success oriented experiences. Mistakes and problems are “tools” to help us learn. By reframing our thoughts, we can learn self-corrective actions.
  • Authenticity. The recognition that each child is unique.
  • A climate for creative thinking. Children can learn to direct their thoughts toward a positive, joyful, and peaceful approach to living and learning.
  • Opportunities and choices. Children need to explore many varied alternatives for learning.
  • Higher, deeper levels of questioning and listening to become more responsive to needs of self, others, and environments.
  • Openness to new ideas new resources, new ways of seeing, hearing, and thinking.
  • Joyful learning. Children and adults alike are happiest when they are in the process of active creative learning.
  • Constant evaluation, review, refining. The curriculum, teaching, methods, materials, and teacher/student relationships will be under constant examination for improvement.
  • Creative leadership by a staff that is fully qualified to meet all the standards set forth in The Country Day School philosophy.
  • Respect and appreciation for the natural environment.

Our Approach

Information will be utilized from the latest in educational research as well as the best in traditional approaches. Children will approach learning in a variety of ways, including such processes as creative use of imagination, kinesthetic approaches, written and artistic expression, creative movement, and dramatics. This multi-sensory approach to understanding academic subjects will be enhanced through the utilization of children’s individual learning styles and natural curiosity. Children’s own language will form the basis of beginning reading and writing. Concepts which are a meaningful and personal part of their lives will lay the foundation for mathematics. Experiences with friends, acquaintances, family, and the environment will serve as springboards to social studies and science.

Country Day School Mission