• Preparing Students For Life

    We learn not for school, but for life.

Quality Individualized Education

At The Country Day School in Huntsville we believe that for young people, school is much more than just a place of learning – it’s also an important community where they develop self-esteem, set goals, and cultivate talents. The encouragement and opportunities students encounter here will have a powerful impact on their futures.

Our students flourish in an atmosphere where they are encouraged to work effectively in groups as well as to recognize their own worth and talents as individuals.

We seek to provide an environment of warmth, challenge, and support for all our students, whether they are preschoolers watching the mysteries of the world unfold, primary students making exciting discoveries, or elementary students working together to problem-solve challenging questions.

A Nurturing Educational Environment

The Country Day School is unique; we provide an atmosphere conducive to learning in a stimulating yet nurturing environment. Our students have all the benefits of excellent learning opportunities without the pressures that often accompany them. Mistakes are viewed as a healthy part of the learning process, not something negative to be avoided. Here students may reach their fullest potentials, while developing confidence and a love of learning that will endure throughout their lives.

Our faculty and students share a relationship of warmth, energy, joy, commitment and risk-taking; the atmosphere encourages students and faculty alike to think, grow, contribute, and achieve. The mission of The Country Day School is to prepare young people not only for their academic futures, but also for life.

Because our school combines traditional standards of academic excellence and discipline with innovative approaches to learning, our students gain the skills that success requires, and the flexibility that change demands. The school nurtures enjoyment of learning and problem-solving in that students respond enthusiastically to challenge. Our students excel both inside and outside the classroom.

Our personal approach to education

At The Country Day School, our personal approach to learning begins with a commitment to small classes where education, not crowd control, is the focus of the day. Our very special teachers offer students opportunities to explore and master new skills and concepts in a relaxed, happy environment where each child is stimulated to reach his or her highest potential. We urge you to meet our talented faculty and speak to our active involved parents.

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