Our Staff

Our Staff


Stacie Lane
University of Alabama-BS, Alabama A&M University-MS

Deborah Brewster
Finance Manager

Jessica Holtcamp
Assistant Director
Office Manager
Scholarship Coordinator
Athens State University-BS

Judy Daughrity
Director of Environment

Scott Laughinghouse
Family Outreach
M.S. Acquisition and Contract Management- F.I.T.
B.A. Acquisition and Contract Management-U.A.H


Sarah Thomas
Preschool Studio Teacher

Eileen Roberts
Preschool Teacher
Montessori Diploma

Christina Goosby
Preschool Teacher

Lena Hamel
Preschool Teacher
Montessori Diploma

Alice Robbani
Preschool Teacher

Emily Lemons
Preschool Teacher
B.A Psychology- Georgetown College
M.S. Education- Sanford


Lesley Pierce
First Grade Teacher
B.S. Child Development- Notre Dame College
M.S. Reading and Literature- Walden University

Sarah Lalonde
Kindergarten Teacher
Athens State University-BS, University of West Alabama-MA

Cindy Cotton
Second Grade Teacher
Eastern Kentucky University-BA, Alabama A&M University MA

Rebecca Phillips
Primary Teacher Assistant
B.S. History- University of Montevallo

Vanessa Rollins
Primary Teacher Assistant
B.S Psychology- Tennessee Temple University


Charles Austin
6-8th Grade Teacher
Alabama A&M-BS

Iris Martinez
4th/5th Grade Teacher
B.A. Art History
University of Massachusetts

Laura Hamilton
3rd Grade Teacher
Athens State University-BS


Michelle Burgess
Music Teacher
B.A. Music- Morris College
Vocal Arts Certificates- University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Winston-Salem
Peabody Conservatory, Boston Maryland

Chandara Croom

Charles Farley
B.A. Ottawa University
M.L.S. Western Michigan University

Yanxia Li
Mandarin Chinese Teacher
Hebei Normal University/China-BS

Anny Perez-Smith
Spanish Teacher

Sarah Thomas
Art Teacher

Lakia Tolliver
Kids Club

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