Parents are our school’s partners

Parents are considered partners in their children’s education at The Country Day School. The school is a community in which parents, teachers, and students work together toward common goals. Through fall and spring conferences, written reports and school work sent home, newsletters, and meetings, parents can keep in close touch.

Parents are able to have frequent contact with their children’s teachers. Once the school routine is established in the fall, parents are welcome to visit the campus and observe the classrooms and by participating in student activities with their children.

Parents aren’t considered outsiders. In fact, parents have had a phenomenal impact on the school and are considered one of The Country Day School’s greatest resource groups. Every parent can feel free to choose a level of involvement. They may become involved in the school community in a number of ways: taking part in classroom activities, participating on field trips, planning or attending school celebrations and events, or sharing a particular field of expertise from gardening to computers.

We will be happy to refer prospective parents to parents of students presently at The Country Day School for references. Many of these parents are educators themselves, and will share with you their level of satisfaction with The Country Day School, as well as the reasons why they chose us as the school for their children.

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Why did your family choose Country Day School?

“Because of the caring, competent staff, and the cheery, positive environment!” – Adrienne’s Mom, also a Gifted Ed. teacher

“We wanted Zacharry to have THE best academic exposure possible in a relaxed, enjoyable school environment.” – Zach’s Mom

“Country Day has a reputation for excellence that is well known. We have not been disappointed!”- Christopher’s Grandmom “Boom Boom” – also an AEA Rep, retired

What do you like best about Country Day School?

“The fabulous staff – very responsive to parental concerns and children’s needs.” – The Schoenbergs

“All the special enrichment classes offered — Spanish in preschool, as well as fitness and music. A well balanced approach.” – Lauren’s Mom

“Beautiful facility that is safe and secure with many wonderful learning materials always available.” – Sam’s Dad

“We LOVE the preschool library program with book bags to check out and use at home – so much attention to detail in every area.”– Anna’s Mom

“Our family loves everything about this place!! After having three children experience Country Day, we could not imagine going anywhere else. We are now truly spoiled!” – The Banes

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