The History of The Country Day School

The Country Day School was founded in 1987 by Sherri Naff and Al and Joyce Kendall, educators with many years of teaching and administrative experience. They shared a vision of creating a learning environment in which children’s learning could take place both within the classroom and out in the world, particularly in natural outdoor settings.

Since that first September, when the school opened its doors to 7 students, the school has been implementing its goals. The Country Day School has grown steadily, now enrolling 170 students in preschool through 8th grade.

A strongly held belief that learning should be a joyful experience, consisting not only of the mastery of academic skills, but also of growth in creative and critical thinking, underlies the foundations of The Country Day School. Since confident students will become successful adults, programs center on activities designed to build skills and self-assurance. As students are taught to become proficient in reading, writing, speaking, listening, computing, thinking, and analyzing, they learn to value their own unique gifts and to recognize those of others. The self-confidence they develop in the family-like atmosphere at The Country Day School will help to carry them through the many challenges they will face in life.

Part of the joy in learning comes from the careful planning and maintenance of The Country Day School environment. From the architectural design and layout of the buildings to the arrangement of a single classroom, the focus is on beauty which enhances learning.

*Country Day School is owned and operated by KLA Schools.

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